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Oxygen Art Studio is a microlabel created by french producer/author/composer Antoine Lemaire. Our production studios are located in Lille (Oxygen Art Studio Electro Lab) & Valenciennes (Oxygen Art Studio Acoustic Lab) in the North of France.

Previous & current releases (music production and artwork) 

Antoine L (France): Nomade (2002), La Promise (2005), L'aventure Utopique (2006), Introspections (2008)

Mick Hart (Australia) : Finding Home (2006)

Youssouf Karembé & Kumo Band (Mali): Toguna (2006)

Endless Mission (France):  Virtual Life (2007)

Rob Sawyer (Australia) : Lose Discover (2010, mastering only for Europe)

VesperVox (France) : Constellations (2016), Invenire (2016)

NMDA Music (France) : Island of Light (2018), Fo(u)r Women (2018)

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